SCPC TMS is a boutique interventional psychiatry and medication management practice, specializing in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.


Dr. Sanjoy Sathpathy

Board certified in child/adolescent and adult psychiatry

Dr. Sanjoy Sathpathy incorporates all the resources in the community to provide his patients with the best possible treatment. He believes that innovative technologies, such as TMS, has a prominent place in the field of mental health.

I know TMS works. I have seen patients struggle through not only their illness, but also their side effects. They go through partial remission. They have relapses. The struggle they go through is no longer necessary with TMS treatments. Many of my patients are looking for other options. TMS has given enormous benefits to patients with those specific illnesses.

Dr. Sathpathy


SCPC welcomes patients into a warm, non judgemental environment, designed to empower you to live a full, healthy life.


“Highly casual, professional, hometown office atmosphere. Dr. Sathpathy has warm, caring, extremely knowledgeable, scientific, advanced, latest research knowledge. I have been going to doctors for 30 years, and I am the most excited I have ever been about working with Dr. Sathpathy.”

“Excellent care. Very warm yet analytical doctor who isn’t afraid to try new medicine but also is cautious. He is concerned about your well-being and is always on-time with appointments.”

“Being new to San Diego and all I felt very comfortable and at home with my new doctor. He took the time to listen and I feel he takes his job very seriously. He asked very important questions and gave good advice on what medications to take. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a doctor who cares.”

“Engaging and concerned, respectful and professional.”

“Dr. Sathpathy is very professional and courteous. He was about to get my medications spot on during our initial assessment, which was a blessing for me. He is caring, shows empathy and truly listens to you. The receptionist has good customer service skills and warm towards the patients. I’m very pleased with the referral to Dr. Sathpathy!”

“Dr. Sathpathy listens and communicates very well with us and prescribed my daughter the right meds that go along with anxiety and depression. I highly recommend Dr. Sanjoy!”

“Dr. Sathpathy is a great listener. I truly appreciated how he took the time to assess my underlying personal history to fully understand my needs and develop the best treatment plan for me. I’m so glad that I reached out for help.”

“So appreciative to all that you do! We have such respect of you! Your staff is always kind and helpful. Thank you again!”

“Everything about the office and the Dr was amazing.”

“Dr. Sathpathy and his staff are amazing. Its always nice to have an appointment and be seen within 10 minutes of your appointment time.”

“Very compassionate and thorough.”

“Dr. Sathpathy was very understanding and explained the conditions and his planned treatment very well.”

“Attentive service and offers good suggestions with clear explanation of the treatment.”

“Very satisfied with Dr. Sathpathy’s care. I have gone to Dr. Sathpathy for about a year now and have always been very satisfied with the care and attention that I have received.”

“Dr Sathpathy is a wonderful psychiatrist, he has a very calm bedside manner. He saved my daughters life and he continues to be attentive and caring.”

“Dr Sanjoy Sathpathy is a great MD. I have been seeing him for years. He always has time for me when I am in need. He responds immediately to my concerns and helps solve them. He makes me feel very comfortable and special. I can very well say my life is a lot better after I found him as my MD. Thank you Dr Sathpathy.”

“Dr Sanjoy Sathpathy is a wonderful Psychiatrist. Dr Sathpathy came highly recommended to us. He is knowledgeable, and very thoughtful and understanding. We felt at home with him. Me and my daughter are extremely happy to be his patients. Thank you Dr Sathpathy for all you do.”

“Thank you Dr Sathpathy. You saved my life. Cannot thank you enough.”

“He has been 100% supportive and understanding of my issues, and my desires in handling my issues. He is respectful and shows concern. Wait time is 5 minutes max, if even after arrival.”

“Dr. Sathpathy is very professional and a great doctor.”

“He was very patient and empathetic about my circumstances. I felt heard and it was a very insightful session. ”

“I am very impressed with the service My son has received from Dr. Sathpathy and his team. They have been able to answer all our questions and have made every effort to guide us in my son’s treatment in a caring and respectful manner. Thank you!”

“I had multiple visits with Dr Sathpathy. He cares about his patients and really wants to improve their health. He is assertive yet willing to listen to the patients and discuss options. The office staff is very friendly and effective. I really appreciate doctor and his team to help me go through this very difficult period of my life. Highly recommend!”

“Probably the best experience with a psychiatrist I’ve had. I feel like I’m given genuine attention and care. The Dr. is very friendly, professional and personable. Highly recommend!”

“Dr. Sathpathy was so attentive and thorough in my psychiatric evaluation. He asked lots of questions and truly wanted to get to know me -- something a lot of psychiatrists unfortunately don't always do. I felt very comfortable with him and am glad to have established care with Dr. Sathpathy :)”

“He’s straight forward and right to the point. He listens and is positive/encouraging. He’s genuine and I trust he’s making the right decisions for me, like a guardian angel.”

“Dr. Sathpathy has been an amazing asset to my daughter’s treatment team. He listens and values my input as a mother and that makes me feel like the things I am doing at home matter. His office accommodates my work schedule which is a huge relief.”

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