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We at SCPC TMS, offer TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) as a unique treatment modality to our patient population.

TMS comprises of at least 30 sessions of brain stimulation by pulses of magnetic waves through a device, delivered over a period of 6 weeks. The stimulations are given over a carefully mapped area of the brain called PFDC (Prefrontal Dorsolateral Cortex) for a duration varying from 30 to 3 minutes per session. With TMS, brain scanning has clear evidence of neuronal stimulation in a specific area of the brain called Cingulate Cortex which plays an important role in regulating emotion, thus leading us to confirm efficacy of the innovative treatment.

TMS is non invasive and usually painless. The procedure has very few contraindications, making it a choice of treatment even for those with pregnancy. Adverse events may include a mild headache and/or discomfort during the procedure. Post-marketing surveillance has shown there may be a remote risk of seizure with TMS therapy. Current evidence places the risk of seizure with TMS at 1 in 30,000 treatments. TMS therapy has consistently been shown to have no negative effects on memory function in clinical studies.