Seeking Happiness

Life inherently makes us worthy of pleasure and happiness. Individuals bereft of the same, lose the essence of living, which is not only devastating to the individual but also the community that the individual lives in.

Depression not only impacts our mind and feeling of well-being, it also impairs our physical health leading to numerous physical maladies.

We seek happiness through numerous avenues, including our connectivity in society, such as with our friends and family as well as engaging ourselves in activities of our interest and seeking out pleasurable situations. People who suffer from Depression though lose motivation to find pleasure. Their constant feelings of hopelessness and lack of self-esteem isolates them from loved ones which not only impairs them but also others connected with them.

Depression is considered a disease, engaging scientists to seek multiple options of intervention to find a remission of the condition. Antidepressant medications and innovative technology have made tremendous progress in the field of remitting depression.

Depression’s chronicity and apprehension of relapse of symptoms has led to long duration of medication use, amongst patients with the illness. Often, a patient’s intolerance to side effects from medications as well as partial efficacy of antidepressant poses a barrier to acceptance of medications by people suffering from Depression.

TMS is a novel option of intervention that is now revolutionizing treatment of depression considering its high efficacy and tolerability amongst patients suffering from depression.