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So Cal Psychiatric Care in San Diego, California, offers exceptional mental health diagnosis and treatment to people of all ages in the local community. Experienced interventional psychiatrist Sanjoy Sathpathy, MD, leads a team of highly skilled professionals who deliver outstanding care to people affected by psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

The So Cal Psychiatric Care team also offers specialized services for children’s mental health issues, developmental disabilities, and behavioral disorders like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Their compassionate care includes supporting parents and working with teachers to ensure children and adolescents enjoy optimal benefits from their treatment.

So Cal Psychiatric Care uses clinical knowledge and conservative approaches to mental health conditions. The team also believes in empowering patients and collaborating with other providers to deliver multi-level care.

For patients with treatment-resistant depression and other conditions that aren’t responding to medication and psychotherapy, So Cal Psychiatric Care offers transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This painless, drug-free therapy can reduce symptoms even when other treatments are unsuccessful, offering hope without the risk of unpleasant side effects.

In addition to in-person consultations, So Cal Psychiatric Care patients benefit from having access to their mental health team using secure, online telehealth technology.

To find out more about the services the So Cal Psychiatric Care team provides, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule an in-person or telehealth consultation today.

Dr. Sathpathy is not only a great listener but provides insight based on my situation. He and the staff are thorough and compassionate. I'm grateful to have found him.

Anonymous .. | Feb 02, 2024

He was awesome. Really understands your needs.

Nestor A. | Feb 02, 2024

Dr.Sathpathy is receptive, a great listener, and very knowledgable.

Jake K. | Feb 02, 2024

Dr. Sathpathy is cool. He’s hip and down with the young crowd.

Tae K. | Feb 02, 2024

The front desk staff is always helpful, kind, & courteous. They communicate well and always help when you need to be on the waiting list to get in sooner. Come to think of it, over the last six years, we have always had great interactions, never anything less! Dr. Sathpathy is also wonderful!

Anonymous .. | Feb 02, 2024

He’s took time to really try to understand my daughter's feelings, and give her the best care.

Rebecca L. | Feb 02, 2024

I have been seeing the doctor for the past 5 years, also my mom sees him.

S B. | Feb 02, 2024

He’s absolutely amazing and understanding. His staff his so helpful when my insurance was giving us issues for the treatment. I feel he truly cares and wants to help you heal

Rae J. | Feb 02, 2024

Everybody is so nice. I feel very comfortable going to my appointments. They make you feel welcomed.

Patricia J. | Feb 02, 2024

Dr. Sathpathy is incredibly professional, kind, and understanding. He provides excellent recommendations and I would highly recommend him for those who need support from a medication management perspective. 10/10

Jennifer J. | Feb 02, 2024

Great first visit! Looking forward to continuing working with Dr. Sathpathy!

Hannah W. | Feb 02, 2024

Straightforward and honest doctor.

Evans S. | Feb 02, 2024

Great first visit! Looking forward to continue working with Dr. Sathpathy!

HANNAH W. | May 25, 2023

Straightforward and honest doctor

EVAN S. | May 24, 2023

Very patient

MARCUS H. | May 19, 2023

I am so thankful I found Dr. Sathpathy. He took the time to listen to my concerns and was very caring, reassuring and thorough.

MORGAN L. | Apr 27, 2023

Very good service

JUN Y. | Apr 08, 2023

Listening and caring

REBECCA G. | Apr 07, 2023

Personable. Knowledgeable. Professional. Compassionate.

LINDSAY N. | Apr 07, 2023

My wife has been to 3 different psychiatrists before. We finally found someone that listened to her and added a small dose of a previously unprescribed medication that seems to be helping. She has finally found a friend that she feels is going to get her through her illness. Thank You and we loved our first office visit. It was on time and a great experience.

BHARATI S. | Apr 01, 2023

The doctor is patient and sharp. But it is difficult to make appointment in 2 weeks.

ELIZABETH "ASTER" J. | Mar 30, 2023

Am new to the practice, but so far it's been great. Dr. Sathpathy seems very kind and easy to talk to, as does everyone else i've interacted with. They've all been patient and extremely helpful. The operation also seems to be efficient and well-run.

C S. | Mar 10, 2023

He listened to my needs, understood my history, I didn’t feel judged, I felt that he had my best interest in mind. He went as far as putting in a referral for a treatment plan that other psychiatrists denied unless i tried more extreme antidepressants, when denied trying 7th or 8th different medication, I ended up having to pay out of packet for the treatment I felt worked the best for me. I felt that he actively listened and wants to give me the best possible outcome.

REBECCA G. | Mar 06, 2023

Everything went well. Thank you!

DEBRA F. | Mar 05, 2023

Very pleasant and personal. They make you feel comfortable.

PATRICIA J. | Mar 05, 2023

Very supportive!!

LINDA K. | Mar 04, 2023

I like that the doctor took the time to listen to the parents to help with our son.

IAN S. | Feb 22, 2023

It was very a very good appointment and everything was explained very clearly

KAILEN S. | Jan 06, 2023


SPENCER F. | Dec 09, 2022


REBEKAH M. | Dec 08, 2022

So appreciative to all that you do! We have so much respect of you! Your staff is always kind and helpful. Thank you again!

N. V. | Aug 16, 2022

Dr. Sathpathy listens and communicates very well with us and prescribed my daughter the right meds thaty go along with anxiety and depression. I highly recommend Dr. Sanjoy.

D. D. | Aug 16, 2022

Being new to San Diego and all I felt very comfortable and at home with my new doctor. He took the time to listen and I feel he takes his job very seriously. He asked very important questions and gave good advice on what medications to take. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a doctor who cares.

K. D. | Aug 16, 2022

Highly casual, professional, hometown office atmosphere. Dr. Sathpathy has warm, caring, extremely knowledgeable, scientific, advanced, latest, research knowledge. I have been going to doctors for 30 years, and I am the most excited I have ever been about working with Dr. Sathpathy.

G. A. | Aug 16, 2022

Excellent Care. Very warm yet analytical doctor who isn't afraid to try new medicine but also is cautious. He is concerned about your well-being and is always on-time with appointments.

L. J. | Aug 16, 2022

Dr. Sanjoy Stahpathy is a wonderful psychiatrist. Dr. Sathpathy came highly recommended to us. He is knowledgeable, and very thoughtful and understanding. We felt at home with him. Me and my daughter are extremely happy to be his patients. Thank you Dr. Sathpathy for all that you do.

N. J. | Aug 16, 2022

Engaging and concerned, respectful and professional.

M. L. | Aug 16, 2022

Thank you Dr. Sathpathy. You saved my life, I cannot thank you enough.

S. F. | Aug 16, 2022
We proudly accept Tricare and are located near Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.
TMS is a groundbreaking treatment for Depression that uses MRI technology to restore the limited neuronal activity of a depressed brain. It is FDA-approved, non-invasive, covered by insurance providers, and virtually free of side effects.
TMS is highly effective for patients with tough-to-treat depression. Over half of patients respond to TMS and more than one-third achieve remission. This is remarkable news for those who have tried multiple treatments without hope of getting better.


We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.